Penny Bivens

Penny Bivens is an Assistant Professor of Marketing, Salt Lake Community College and holds an MBA from Utah State University. Before beginning to work with Utah advertising agencies, Penny spent over 25 years in corporate America working in a variety of marketing, HR, and leadership positions, for small to large companies. She spent 17 years at Intel and was the senior-level leader in the global HR Communication organization. During that time, Penny won the Gold Hermes Creative Award from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals for outstanding communications concept, writing, and implementation design for the RSU Stock Option program. As the Managing Director with Vivifi, a business strategy consulting firm dedicated to helping companies in Utah develop thriving organizational cultures, she completed several projects. Examples include communication audit, culture development, training, team building, company communication, employee surveys, focus groups, market research, project facilitation, website testing, and process development. Her specialties are in Internal and External Marketing, Employee Communication, Benefits Communication, Company Intranet Portal Development, Campaign Development and Implementation, Event Planning, Organizational Culture, Leadership Development, People Management, Service Desk and Call Center Management. Penny’s experience is one of the reasons why Twistlab is the best of Utah advertising agencies.

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