Mohammad Ben-Tarif

Marketing agencies require talented analysts in order to truly understand the client's market and Mohammed’s experience in turning data and insights into usable information makes him the perfect man for the job.

Mohammad’s areas of expertise have been focused in market research and marketing analytics. He is able to predict market trends by conducting thorough market research and recognizing industry patterns. Mohammed started his career working for large corporations and quickly climbed his way up the corporate ladder. He has managed research teams for several companies including the telecom tycoon FastLink.

Mohammed earned his MBA from the University of Texas and has since founded several successful startups that grew quickly, all of which, were sold to excited investors. Mohammed knows how entrepreneurs think and what information is needed to make strategic decisions. He approaches every project at Twistlab Marketing with the same strategic goals and consistently delivers remarkable results. He can accurately collect and analyze market data to help Twistlab Marketing properly advise and work with its rapidly evolving clients.

Mohammed also acts as a consultant to several NGO's including the USAid and Injaz. These projects help him develop a strong international perspective and allow him a broader perspective when making suggestions to clients. Mohammed’s presence at Twistlab Marketing truly adds a new level of depth and credibility to our service offerings. His methods, vision, and research are what help us stay focused and keep us on the cutting edge among marketing agencies in Utah.

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