Martika Heath

Martika has been in the healthcare industry for 6+ years, working for various hospitals and clinics in Salt Lake. Advertising agencies caught her attention after seeing firsthand how vital communication is to the entire system. She has loved it ever since. Martika is currently finishing an Associates of Business with the Salt Lake Community College. The University of Utah Honors College accepted her in 2019, which she began attending for Marketing. She aspires to work with the best marketing agency in Salt Lake City.

Martika is full of energy. She loves running, yoga, and hiking (like most Utahans) in her spare time. She is a big food lover too! She’s always looking for pseudo-healthy meals to prepare for friends and family. She enjoys cozying up to a good book or perusing Netflix or SLFS for a documentary on a rainy day. Her short-term superpower of choice would be “only needing 4hrs of sleep” because sleep is great, but why so much of it? Her favorite apps are currently Goodreads, AllTrails, and Spotify. She is why Twistlab is the best marketing agency in Salt Lake City.

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