Audrey Wood

The world of marketing is forever evolving, and Audrey understands the importance of evolving with it.

Audrey graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie, WI with a B.S. in Professional Communication and Emerging Media and a concentration in Art and Design. She is well versed in the creative process, both for written and visual content. Throughout her education, Audrey wrote content for local business owners and developed a passion for helping these local businesses thrive. Since her graduation she has furthered her education by becoming certified in Content Marketing via HubSpot.

Driven by the desire to learn more about the world, Audrey spent a semester during her undergrad studying abroad in Ireland and one year after graduation living abroad in Australia. These experiences showed the diversity in communication across cultures, but also exposed Audrey to a universal trait that is necessary for any successful communicator- empathy.

This understanding has allowed Audrey to excel in customer service work for years, as she recognizes that not all audience’s have the same needs, but with a little empathy she can work to understand and help those in many different situations. She now works to apply her education and experiences to her passion in helping local businesses succeed.

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